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How to deal with constipation in a pregnant woman
A huge number of adults today complain of lethargy and constipation. And the vast majority of them are women. Unfortunately, during pregnancy, constipation is almost inevitable, especially in its second…

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What is pancreatitis? Pancreatitis is an inflammation of the pancreas. A 40-year-old man was brought by an ambulance. On the eve of his friends, he marked the end of urgent…

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After a heart attack (part 2)
Not only does this “help" threaten health, but family conflicts also flare up, and they don’t need a heart attack patient at all. In order to achieve a more qualified…

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Diabetes (part 2)

A FEW TIPS FAT. KEEP FOOD DIETS, REDUCE CARBOHYDRATES AND FATS, BUT MULTIPLE INCREASE THE NUMBER OF PROTEIN IN THE DIET. Remember: if you eat sugar only 30% more than normal, this negates the positive effect of any strict diet! A feeling of satiety will provide a low-calorie, but significant in volume food (raw vegetables and fruits). The diet should be fractional: eat 4-5 times a day. REFUSE DISHES AND FOOD, EXCITING APPETITES (SPICY SNACKS, SPICES); SALT IS Enough 5 Grams. LIQUIDS — UP TO 1-1.5 LITERS.

ABOUT TIME A WEEK, BETTER ON A WEEKEND, INSTALL UNLOADING DAYS: meat – 400 grams of meat, boiled without salt, and the same amount of boiled white cabbage; instead of cabbage, you can eat green salad, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, green peas, cauliflower; cottage cheese – 500 – 600 grams of cottage cheese with 2 – 3 glasses of tea or coffee with milk without sugar; fruit, berry, vegetable – 1.5 kilograms of vegetables or unsweetened fruits or berries: yogurt or kefir – 1.5 liters; dairy – 5 – 6 glasses. Continue reading

Diabetes (part 1)

The number of patients with diabetes in all economically developed countries is growing steadily. Currently, there are about 50-60 million of them in the world. Given that approximately the same number of people have diabetes in a latent form, the total number of patients is at least 100 million people. More often people over 40 – 50 years old get diabetes.

The main reasons for the increase in the incidence of diabetes mellitus are many experts consider overeating, an increase in the amount of sugar and other easily digestible carbohydrates in the diet. decrease in physical activity. The hereditary predisposition also matters. The greatest risk of getting diabetes is in those whose mother and father have diabetes (the risk of the disease is 60%). If one of the parents is sick, then the risk of getting sick is 22%, one of the ancestors – 14%, a cousin or brother – 9%. Fortunately, a hereditary predisposition to diabetes is not fatal. Continue reading

Electric field

Here is information about how an electric field affects a person, and whether to stay for a long time under high-voltage lines where there is an electric field.

Electric field. All human life is surrounded by natural atmospheric electric fields. The electric field itself most clearly manifests itself in a thunderstorm. Then the tension near the ground reaches 10 kilovolts per meter (kV / m). But even in cloudless weather, the atmospheric field has an average strength of 130 volts per meter. We are talking about the average because. what, like and. for example, solar activity, atmospheric electric field oscillates cyclically, reaching a maximum in certain periods. Continue reading


Summer is the time to travel. A sharp change during travel diet, unusual dishes, sometimes just a change in the nature and composition of the food sometimes lead to a temporary breakdown of the intestines, which is called a “tourist’s disease”.

But not every disorder of intestinal activity is the result of a violation of the usual diet. In summer, the risk of infection with acute intestinal infections increases. And we are not talking only about one of the most common diseases – dysentery. In the warm season, the cause of poisoning can be any food product or dish contaminated with pathogenic microbes. Continue reading


Many of those who are overweight or obese and want to lose weight are interested in: can this be achieved with the help of drugs? No you can not.

They may object to me: but there are medicines that suppress appetite! Indeed, there are such medicines – they are called anorectics – they have a depressing effect on the center of hunger in the brain. But these potent drugs are prescribed for a short time and only in a hospital. The patient must be under the supervision of a doctor, since anorectics can cause dysfunctions of the central nervous system, liver, cause mental disorders, insomnia. Therefore, I strongly advise: if you want to lose weight and stay healthy, do not resort to self-medication with anorectics! Continue reading

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