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What are the viruses
Usually the smallest creatures on the planet are bacteria. But, if you plunge deeper into the world of dwarfs among living organisms, it becomes clear that the smallest should not…

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Painful, tactile, cold, thermal ...
Our skin is one of the main senses. It contains a dense network of nerve fibers, and millions of the thinnest branches branch off from them, ending on the surface…

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Love Formula (part 2)
One must love a woman in order to smell her hair, one must enter the magnetic field of love in order to even perceive her invisible currents and “blush with…

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Symptoms and treatment of lung abscess

An abscess of the lungs is characterized by a purulent inflammatory process of the lung tissue with the formation of one or several limited cavities, which are most often surrounded by inflammatory infiltrate.

Most often, an abscess of the lungs occurs due to croupous pneumonia. The causative agents of the disease are staphylococci, streptococci, as well as diplococci. The primary abscess begins with chest injuries, aspiration of foreign objects, after surgery on the upper respiratory tract, by inhalation of mucus, blood, pus, and vomit. At the same time, bronchial blockage occurs and air does not enter part of the lungs, an airless space is formed in which suppuration occurs – an abscess. Continue reading

How to get rid of burrs

Currently, possessing well-groomed and beautiful hands is a must for every self-respecting woman. However, a magnificent manicure is far from enough to achieve the perfect beauty of the hands. Often in women, no matter how they try to take care of their hands, burrs may appear on their fingers. Moreover, barbs not only do not adorn female hands, but also bring their owner very unpleasant, and sometimes even painful sensations. In addition, if the barbs are not eliminated in time, they may well cause inflammation of the skin around the nails and fungal diseases.

Therefore, with the appearance of barbs, you need to immediately begin treatment so as not to harm your health. Continue reading

What is dangerous Botox

All women dream of staying young and attractive as long as possible, however, on the way to their dream, they enter into an unequal battle with wrinkles. Than just not trying to smooth out their women, more and more recently, resorting to Botox. Few people know that the neurotoxin hiding behind it causes botulism. As soon as it enters the muscle, transmission of nerve impulses ceases.

Initially, the drug was discovered in America and was intended to treat strabismus.

Later, Botox began to be used in medicine for the removal of muscle cramps.
Botox injections have been used as anti-aging procedures since 1980, in Russia it was started to be used in cosmetology in 1994. Continue reading

Why and how does osteochondrosis occur

Scientists estimate that back pain is observed in almost half of the fair sex. In principle, there is nothing unusual here, because the back “carries” the weight of the head, arms and body, which is about 2/3 of the total body weight. Nature made sure that the back was able to withstand a load of 700 kg to 2 tons. However, do not test your back for strength.

I must say that the maximum load falls on the back at the moment when a person lifts something heavy with a jerk.

If there is a strong desire to rip off your back, then you must act in this way.
But not only lifting heavy loads carries a danger to the back. Continue reading

How to protect yourself from ticks

Since there are more and more cases of tick-borne encephalitis every year, in summer it is imperative to remember the rules of behavior in the forest.

For starters, don’t panic! The carriers of this virus in the middle lane are only a few percent of ticks.

Also, to protect yourself, you can get vaccinated. The first – in the fall, and the second – in the early spring.

Before going to the forest or the countryside, treat clothes with repellents. They can not be applied to the skin, but if the tick clings to such a tissue, it will die within a few minutes. Continue reading

How to cure a sore throat
Angina is a common disease that is caused by an infection. More often than others, those who like to indulge in ice cream or who prefer to drink chilled drinks…


Causes of chest pain
The causes of chest pain can be very diverse. Therefore, do not think about the worst. Not every pain means such a terrible ailment as heart failure or heart attack.…


How to deal with constipation in a pregnant woman
A huge number of adults today complain of lethargy and constipation. And the vast majority of them are women. Unfortunately, during pregnancy, constipation is almost inevitable, especially in its second…


Symptoms and treatment of lung abscess
An abscess of the lungs is characterized by a purulent inflammatory process of the lung tissue with the formation of one or several limited cavities, which are most often surrounded…