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How to protect yourself from ticks
Since there are more and more cases of tick-borne encephalitis every year, in summer it is imperative to remember the rules of behavior in the forest. For starters, don't panic!…

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Is it possible to protect yourself from diabetes
Sometimes, walking along city streets, we often notice a lying person with obvious signs of intoxication. In such cases, we usually grin and move on, not worrying about the state…

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Cleansing the body and losing weight with clay
Many probably heard about the clay diet, but almost no one knows how to use it correctly. Clay has many useful properties. This is an indispensable material for cleansing the…

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Chronic fatigue and how to overcome it

Spring is approaching, and with it a person begins to pursue an incomprehensible dizziness, lethargy and apathy. Such a disease that appeared in humans in medicine is called chronic fatigue. This syndrome is familiar to most of our Russians. Fatigue, as such, in our life is ordinary, which disappears without a trace after a good rest and chronic. Chronic fatigue occurs when a person has exhausted all of its internal reserves, which include intellectual, physical, emotional and nervous.

Such fatigue in a person does not accumulate simultaneously, it accumulates for a long time and then becomes depressed. Even if a person had a good rest, experienced some positive emotions, then chronic fatigue still did not go anywhere, but simply receded for a short time, then to reappear with him. Continue reading

What are the viruses

Usually the smallest creatures on the planet are bacteria. But, if you plunge deeper into the world of dwarfs among living organisms, it becomes clear that the smallest should not be considered bacteria, but viruses. Just imagine that about a hundred thousand are placed on the tip of a sewing needle of viruses!

The question is, why are bacteria considered the smallest creatures?

The fact is that viruses, before they enter a living organism, behave like a large organic molecule.

Only after viruses enter the living organism of a plant, animal or human, it begins to multiply and, like all living things, pass on their inherent properties by inheritance. Continue reading

How to treat polyarthritis

With polyarthritis, joint inflammation and destruction of articular cartilage occur. First, pains in the joints of the wrist. In areas of joint damage, the skin turns red, and swelling appears. Subsequently, if preventive measures are not taken to treat polyarthritis, joint mobility is limited. Possible increase in body temperature.

In this case, general weakness and fatigue appear.
The causes for the occurrence of polyarthritis are many. This disease can occur as a result of metabolic disorders. And also a disease of various infections and viruses that weaken the body and destroy the human immune system. Even frequent colds and sore throats can provoke the appearance of polyarthritis. Allergies, harmful bacteria and liver diseases can also be the culprit of the disease. Continue reading

Causes of chest pain

The causes of chest pain can be very diverse. Therefore, do not think about the worst. Not every pain means such a terrible ailment as heart failure or heart attack. There can be many reasons.

If you feel colic all over your chest.

It is quite possible that pain occurred as a result of physiological changes in the cervical and thoracic vertebrae. With this disease, you need to contact an orthopedist. It is necessary to use swimming for prevention. Try not to lift heavy objects or raise them too high.
If you are concerned about discomfort in the chest area and there is an accelerated heartbeat, as a rule, after intense physical exertion or in stressful situations, then you need to immediately relax, sleep well, watch or listen to your favorite movie and music. Continue reading

How to get rid of stretch marks

According to an online survey, 68% of men consider their pregnant wives to be the most beautiful. And if you ask them about stretch marks, then they don’t know anything about it. And even if you show them, they will still remain perplexed. In many men, they can be associated with a scar after appendicitis is removed. Darkness!

It’s worth it, because children are the most important thing in life, for the sake of them they could tolerate struggling with barely noticeable stripes on the body for a couple with a girlfriend who will answer your complaint. But you probably want to do without stretch marks or at least achieve that there are as few as possible.
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Pneumonia in a child (part 1)
If the frequency of the disease threatening the infant is distributed, then pneumonia is one of the first places - pneumonia. This is an infectious disease of a bacterial or…


How to deal with constipation in a pregnant woman
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Diseases of the feet and methods for their treatment
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