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Summer is the time to travel. A sharp change during travel diet, unusual dishes, sometimes just a change in the nature and composition of the food sometimes lead to a temporary breakdown of the intestines, which is called a “tourist’s disease”.

But not every disorder of intestinal activity is the result of a violation of the usual diet. In summer, the risk of infection with acute intestinal infections increases. And we are not talking only about one of the most common diseases – dysentery. In the warm season, the cause of poisoning can be any food product or dish contaminated with pathogenic microbes.


A unique natural product with high nutritional value. And at the same time, milk is an excellent environment for the rapid development of microbes that have got into it. Therefore, the rule must always and always be mandatory for everyone: if milk is bought on the market or without appropriate packaging in a store, it must be boiled. You can’t eat yogurt from spontaneously fermented unboiled milk

Lactic acid products

For example, curd cheese, creamy pasta due to high humidity, favorable ratio of nutrients, including sugar and fat. the absence of competing microflora can be a suitable breeding ground for microbes. Therefore, they are assigned to the group of especially perishable products that can cause poisoning, and can only be stored in the refrigerator for no longer than 36 hours. This group includes sour cream (store no more than 72 hours), cream (36 hours), cakes and pastries with protein-whipped cream and fruit filling (72 hours), with cream (36 hours), sweet cream cheeses in a polymer package (48 hours).

Shelf life is set from the end of the process, including the time for transportation of the product and its storage in catering and trade. On the packaging of perishable products indicated the expiration date of their storage. It’s just dangerous to keep them longer

Meat and meat products

In raw meat. pathogens of intestinal diseases, in particular salmonella, circulating in nature among animals and birds, are often found in birds. These microorganisms get into prepared dishes if the hostess uses the same cutting board for raw and cooked meat or does not sufficiently heat the meat. At the same time, microorganisms multiply rapidly and cause disease in humans.

Do not keep cooked meat dishes at room temperature. After all, the warmer in the room. especially in summer, the faster microbes multiply. If, however, the dish was not in the refrigerator, before serving, it must be subjected to repeated heat treatment.

Paste, jelly, pancakes with meat should be stored only in the refrigerator: paste – no more than 6 hours, jelly and pancakes – 12 hours, It is better not to cook such dishes for the future.

Vegetables and fruits

Regardless of the place of purchase, they must be thoroughly washed in running tap water, like everything that is grown on a personal garden plot.

Okroshka and other cold soups, salads, cook only before serving.

Mushrooms and berries

In the forest, people who are not careful enough may be in trouble. Follow a strict rule: do not eat unfamiliar mushrooms and berries. Unfortunately, there are times when edible mushrooms acquire toxic properties. So, for example, poisoning caused by a pig is noted. This insidious mushroom has already been published in periodicals, but on the eve of the new mushroom season, it is worth recalling this danger.

It is necessary to closely monitor children who, seduced by a bright view of unfamiliar berries and plants, try them. as they say, “by the tooth”, and as a result of severe poisoning, the culprits of which may be bleached, dope, some mulberries and a number of other plants

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