Causes of chest pain
The causes of chest pain can be very diverse. Therefore, do not think about the worst. Not every pain means such a terrible ailment as heart failure or heart attack.…

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Even the thinkers of antiquity understood that moderation in food is a guarantee of health and longevity, and they said about those who eat too much: "A glutton digs a…

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How to treat polyarthritis
With polyarthritis, joint inflammation and destruction of articular cartilage occur. First, pains in the joints of the wrist. In areas of joint damage, the skin turns red, and swelling appears.…

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fasting days

Diseases of the feet and methods for their treatment

Leg problems make you give up your favorite shoes. It’s time to pay attention to your legs.

If you have flat feet, then you probably noticed that the legs quickly get tired and swollen, sometimes clubfoot appears. Urgently need to contact an orthopedist. He will give you an X-ray and computer diagnostics of the feet.

Choose comfortable shoes. Pick up orthopedic insoles at a specialty store.

A salt bath will help to cope with leg pain: draw up to half a bath of warm water (+40 C), add 3 tbsp to the water. salt and walk on such water for about 10 minutes.

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How to Replenish Magnesium Deficiency

Those who love the bath are sure of the benefits of bath procedures and do not attach importance to the bad signals of the body.

We try to sweat well in the steam room, thinking that afterwards all toxins come out. But no one knows that at the same time beneficial microelements leave the body.

It turns out that soaring in the bath, we do not get the proper healing effect from the steam.

A sign of magnesium deficiency is night cramps in the legs.

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Diabetes (part 2)

A FEW TIPS FAT. KEEP FOOD DIETS, REDUCE CARBOHYDRATES AND FATS, BUT MULTIPLE INCREASE THE NUMBER OF PROTEIN IN THE DIET. Remember: if you eat sugar only 30% more than normal, this negates the positive effect of any strict diet! A feeling of satiety will provide a low-calorie, but significant in volume food (raw vegetables and fruits). The diet should be fractional: eat 4-5 times a day. REFUSE DISHES AND FOOD, EXCITING APPETITES (SPICY SNACKS, SPICES); SALT IS Enough 5 Grams. LIQUIDS — UP TO 1-1.5 LITERS.

ABOUT TIME A WEEK, BETTER ON A WEEKEND, INSTALL UNLOADING DAYS: meat – 400 grams of meat, boiled without salt, and the same amount of boiled white cabbage; instead of cabbage, you can eat green salad, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, green peas, cauliflower; cottage cheese – 500 – 600 grams of cottage cheese with 2 – 3 glasses of tea or coffee with milk without sugar; fruit, berry, vegetable – 1.5 kilograms of vegetables or unsweetened fruits or berries: yogurt or kefir – 1.5 liters; dairy – 5 – 6 glasses. Continue reading

First aid for hypothermia
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Is it possible to protect against cold sores
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Photo - Dermatosis
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