Photo - Dermatosis
With the advent of summer, patients are increasingly turning to the clinic, worried that sun exposure causes skin rashes, itching, headache, nausea, weakness, fluctuations in blood pressure, dizziness. Many are…

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First aid for hypothermia
The effect of cold on the entire surface of the body, when its temperature drops below 35 °, causes general cooling of the body. The prolonged action of low temperatures…

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Symptoms and treatment of lung abscess
An abscess of the lungs is characterized by a purulent inflammatory process of the lung tissue with the formation of one or several limited cavities, which are most often surrounded…

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infectious patients

How to switch to a healthy lifestyle

Most likely, each person wants to live a long and happy life. The key to such a life is health. But why do people only harm so invaluable health? Alcohol, smoking, fatty foods, poor sleep, and much more are the “choice” of most modern people. And many of them want to change their lives for the better, but something is stopping.
So, how to start a healthy lifestyle?

First you must clearly set your goal. Do not start the change tomorrow or Monday. You need to start from today!

Next, you need to familiarize yourself with the principles of a healthy lifestyle, which will become your rules for every day.

Healthy eating Naturally, you need to eat only healthy food, and exclude fast food and sandwiches from your menu. Try to avoid carbonated drinks, give preference to clean water, juices. It is advisable not to eat 3 hours before bedtime. Continue reading

Is it possible to protect yourself from diabetes

Sometimes, walking along city streets, we often notice a lying person with obvious signs of intoxication. In such cases, we usually grin and move on, not worrying about the state of the subject. But a person lying on the ground may not be drunk, he may simply be unconscious, for example, due to the lack of insulin at hand. This applies to people who have diabetes.

When a person is healthy, his sugar level is normal, but the slightest change in sugar level leads to a serious illness called diabetes.

In recent decades, the number of diabetics is increasing, and not less than 20% of patients – children and young people not older than 25 years.
Doctors divide diabetes into two categories: insulin-dependent and acquired. Continue reading

Cleansing the body and losing weight with clay

Many probably heard about the clay diet, but almost no one knows how to use it correctly. Clay has many useful properties. This is an indispensable material for cleansing the body of toxins and rotting food debris in the intestine.

Clay diet is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to lose weight. Two types of clay can be used: blue and white.

It is not difficult to get clay, because it is available to everyone at any pharmacy stall. The price is also quite reasonable compared to diet pills.
Clay can be used both internally and as an external agent. It is best to combine these uses of clay. Continue reading

Why and how does osteochondrosis occur
Scientists estimate that back pain is observed in almost half of the fair sex. In principle, there is nothing unusual here, because the back “carries” the weight of the head,…


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How to cleanse the intestines
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Love Formula (part 1)
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